Saturday, October 15, 2011

Drained of creativity? Maybe it's ... vampires

Do you believe in vampires? No? Okay, then ... what about psychic vampires?

After all, it's that time of year when the skies are getting darker and the leaves are scratching like fingers at the windowpane - it seems a post about a not-so-familiar monster is quite appropriate.

Especially since this creature is one that writers should take special care to avoid.

These aren't vampires in the classic sense - they don't have fangs, they don't turn into bats, they sure don't sparkle in the sunlight and they're not brooding or sexy.

They're leeches, but they don't suck your blood. They're emotional vampires. They steal your life force, your creativity.

I know, I know, it sounds crazy on first read. But think about it: Aren't there those people who just seem to drain you? Who are simply toxic? Who seem to grow stronger even as they drain every ounce of creativity you possess? After an encounter, you feel tired - they walk away smiling and whistling.

I read up on them ... they're actually called psychic vampires. Sure, some versions are more literal than others, but they're all out there.

Truthfully, I thought of this post because I actually think I've met a few lately - in one form or another. After only a few conversations I realized they had completely exhausted me - to the point where I actually felt I needed a nap. It was creepy.

Maybe it's my imagination getting the best of me - after all, the glow of the sun is fainter each day; the wind blows colder each night.

But still, I'm getting a little extra rest, and I'm a little more wary when I share my best ideas.

I need all the energy I can get.