Tuesday, February 2, 2010

And we're up! (So do I want you to look?)

So it took awhile, but Death on Deadline is finally a reality. It's up on www.smashwords.com, with thousands of other self-published offerings. Of course, the cover isn't quite finished yet, so it looks a little naked, but it's up there. I'm delighted. And petrified.
My friend and business partner, the irreplaceble Traci Bauer, handled the uploading, the formatting, and all the tough stuff - all I had to do was check out the completed product. But truthfully, it took me a little while to screw up the courage to even take a look.
See, that book has been mine for so long, it's taking a little adjustment knowing that everybody and their brother can read it. I think most writers feel that way when they first share their work. Oh, it's not that I'm shy - far from it. Heck, I'm the one who gave out far too much information about every trip to the OB/GYN when I was pregnant. But a story - or any kind of writing - becomes part of you. Sharing can be tough. In fact, I told my friend today that publishng that book was actually like having a baby - I was so worried about the birth, I had no idea what to do with it once it arrived. So I'll just figure it out, step by step. And it won' throw up all over me, or keep me up nights, so that's a plus.

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